Top tips for managing your business finances with Emma Middleton|E206 ⋆ TechPixies

Top tips for managing your business finances with Emma Middleton|E206

If saying the word bookkeeping is enough to have you diving back under the duvet, or letters like P&L and HMRC bring you out in a cold sweat, you need Emma Middleton in your life. 

An an accountant and bookkeeper, she’s a number cruncher – she eats numbers for breakfast and finds finances fun (we know! 😂). But Emma knows that not everyone feels the same, so she’s on a mission to make it super easy for women to tackle this essential element of their business. 🙏🏽

Here’s why you should tune in

Discover a top tip for keeping track of your receipts and the two pieces of software Emma can’t live without. Hear why financial reporting is so much more than simply popping in some numbers and what the reports can tell you, and learn about the monthly financial checklist you’ll want to download asap.  

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:15] Emma pivots from full-time employment.

[05:56] Top tips for managing your business finances. 

[08:15] The 2 pieces of software Emma recommends.

[09:34] What regular reporting can tell you about your business. 

[14:59] What TechPixies has done for Emma. 

[20:24] Helping neurodiverse women with ADHD.

So, if you’d love to become friends with your finances, this is the podcast episode you need to plug into.

👉🏼 Download Emma’s super helpful monthly financial checklist HERE.

And if you’re neurodiverse or simply need support with your finances, Emma is offering 1:1 sessions offering help and support. Ping her a DM to learn more. 

Press play now. ▶️▶️▶️ 

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