How I rebuilt my failing business and made it stronger than ever|E205 ⋆ TechPixies

How I rebuilt my failing business and made it stronger than ever|E205

“If the sign of success is the number of failures you have, I’m well on my way to success.”
Joy Foster

Every good business owner is like one of those Weebles. However hard you try and knock them down, they’ll always spring back up. 

And if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to set up and run a successful business, strap yourselves in! This is undoubtedly the most raw and open episode Joy Foster has ever recorded.

In fact, it’s the story of how she almost killed TechPixies, her £1 million social media company, overnight and what it took to hit the reset button to rebuild it.   

Here’s why you should tune in

Hear the mistakes Joy made early on and how self-sabotage got in the way of her success. Discover the one thing, despite all the ups and downs, that has ensured that TechPixies has been able to ride out the bumpy bits. And find out more about the programme Joy did that changed everything as you get the lowdown on the five lessons Joy learned from her mentor, Amy Porterfield. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:46] Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield and me. 

[10:56] How my first online course launch went. 

[15:38] Celebrating 100 students. 

[18:41] You can’t outperform your self-image. 

[21:10] How I nearly killed my business overnight. 

[27:14] What I did to rebuild TechPixies.

[41:21] The 5 lessons I’ve learned from Amy Porterfield.

So, for a no-holds-barred look at a business journey from an entrepreneur who has been through it all (and isn’t afraid to open up about the messy bits), this episode is packed full of lessons you’ll love.

It’s also a reminder that you can survive anything as long as you have a good product/course/service that serves people in place.

Press play now. ▶️▶️▶️ 

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Amy Porterfield – Two Weeks Notice: Find the Courage to Quit Your Job, Make More Money, Work Where You Want and Change the World 

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