Don’t stagnate, innovate! How teacher Cassie O’Hanlon upgraded her 20th-century tech skills to create an online creative writing course for kids|E204 ⋆ TechPixies

Don’t stagnate, innovate! How teacher Cassie O’Hanlon upgraded her 20th-century tech skills to create an online creative writing course for kids|E204

Cassie O’Hanlon is the queen of the pivot. 🔄

A major health scare and the death of her father initially proved to Cassie that her future as an English teacher no longer lay in the classroom. 

But when the third strike – the pandemic – arrived to disrupt her 1:1 tutoring business, she knew she needed to pivot online. 

It’s a move that opened the door to a world of possibilities and had Cassie asking, ‘Why serve just one kid at a time when you can serve many?’

Her search for the answer has led her on an exciting journey into online course creation and has given her business and bank balance a well-deserved boost. 💰

Here’s why you should tune in

You’ll love hearing how Cassie’s creative writing course came to be and how she is inspiring kids with the help of her awesome teaching skills and a toy Ninja! If you’re a teacher, you’ll nod as Cassie talks about her experiences in school. And if you’re a parent with a son who might need their creative spark reignited, you’ll be keen to know how you can work with this talented teacher. 🔥

Here’s what to listen out for:

[04:32] How a major health scare impacted Cassie’s outlook on life.

[08:06] How our Social Media Superhero Bootcamp helped Cassie get confident online.

[13:03] Discover why Joy is such a fan of Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy.

[14:41] How doing DCA helped Cassie flesh out her online course.

[20:11] Why we make our own luck.

[24:48] Why an online course brings in the £££.

[28:32] What finding TechPixies means to Cassie.

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Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy Course Confident Bootcamp

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