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Top tips for building a successful podcast with podcast pro Alex Chisnall|E200

Your message is waaaay more important than your fear of putting it out there. 💪🏽

So if the idea of sitting at a mic telling the world what you think is enough to bring you out in hives, we know just the man to help change your perspective. 

Podpreneur Alex Chisnall hosts the brilliantly titled Screw It Just Do It podcast (listened to in more than 180 countries) and has helped heaps of entrepreneurs and companies launch their podcasts into the world. 

So who better to help us celebrate our 200th episode (we’re fighting our way through streamers, bunting and party poppers here at TechPixies HQ) than a podcast about podcasting with a podpreneur in the hot seat?!

And, wowzers! Alex delivers some absolute zingers – top tips and tricks for anyone wanting to start or grow a podcast. 👏🏼 

Here’s why you should tune in

Alex and Joy chat about how to promote your podcast when your budget might not quite stretch to the super slick movie-style trailers of, say, The Diary of the CEO. There’s advice on how to work out how long an episode should be. Plus, you’ll hear Alex’s pitch that he uses to get onto podcasts as a guest (it’s one of the best Joy has ever seen!!!) and his top tips on how to find and invite guests to be on your show.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[00:34] Partying with Richard Branson.

[08:05] Why is podcasting important in 2023?

[14:08] How should you promote your podcast? 

[16:38] How long should an episode be? 

[22:52] Hear Alex’s pitch to get onto podcasts (it worked on Joy!). 

[25:47] Top tips on getting guests.

[33:13} What to do to keep guests happy so they remember you. 

Who would be your dream podcast guest? Message us at [email protected] and let us know.🤗

Hit that play button and remember! If you’re thinking about starting a podcast and something is holding you back – screw it! Just do it. ▶️▶️▶️ 

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