How to channel grief for good and rebuild your life after loss with Claire Louise Wood|E190 ⋆ TechPixies

How to channel grief for good and rebuild your life after loss with Claire Louise Wood|E190

Trigger warning: this episode deals with the loss of a child and the resulting mental health challenges. If you are affected by any of the issues raised, check out the links below for details of organisations that can offer support. 

Going through a bereavement is a challenging time for anyone, but experiencing the loss of a child can be particularly painful – especially when that pain is compounded by the joy of getting pregnant one minute and devastation the next. 💔

But imagine the emotional rollercoaster of getting pregnant after you’ve been told that it’s statistically unlikely that it will happen and then becoming one of fewer than 100 people to go through a life-threatening intramural ectopic pregnancy. It’s a lot to deal with. 

In fact, for Claire Louise Wood, the heartbreaking loss of her baby boy at 16 weeks was almost too much for her to bear… until the funeral directors that cared for her son threw her a lifeline by asking for her help to improve their social media presence. 

Here’s why you should tune in

It’s easy to dismiss social media as just a bit of fun until you understand the power it has to communicate a message. Discover how Claire Louise has used social media to not only honour her son’s memory but also to give a sense of purpose and meaning to her new career as a social media manager. Hear the work she’s done to create a wonderful vision for her life and how she now feels empowered by the knowledge that she deserves to tell her story, and her story deserves to be heard. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:35] Claire Louise reveals the heartbreak that brought her to TechPixies.

[05:24] Finding the silver lining in a painful situation. 

[07:20] What Claire Louise thought of the Social Media Superhero Bootcamp.

[11:07] Why it’s important to record your wins. 

[15:38] The bolt-on Claire Louise added to her social media management business. 

[18:49] What to do when you feel nervous. 

[21:00] Claire Louise shares her vision for the future. 

As Claire Louise says, “If my unwavering commitment to speaking openly about my family’s loss and our ongoing battle with our thoughts and emotions can give voice to just one person, then every vulnerable moment has been worthwhile.”

We’re also tipping our cap to Hannah Rose Funeral Services for all the team has done to support Claire Louise. 🙏

Press play now. ▶️▶️▶️ 

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Useful links and resources:


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Hannah Rose Funeral Services

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