[Episode 186] 5 secrets to getting hired over 50 with Sarah Taylor Phillips ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 186] 5 secrets to getting hired over 50 with Sarah Taylor Phillips

If you’ve reached midlife and you’ve found that looking for a job is like one of those steady-hand games – you know where you need to go, but charting a path to get there is pretty frustrating (and a shock to the system at times!) – you need the wise words of Sarah Taylor Phillips. 🧭

She’s popped by the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast to reveal her 5 secrets to getting hired over 50, although we think they’re pretty nifty tips, whatever age you might be. 👌🏾

As the founder of Career Voyage, Sarah’s here to help you sail through the job search process so that you can get your career path shipshape and make the whole hoorah less of an oar-deal (ok, we promise to step away from the sailing puns 😆). 

Here’s why you need to tune in

Learn how the crystallised wisdom you have in your 50s (and beyond!) can work in your favour. Hear why your job search should start with YOU, and why, in an age where algorithms rule, your network is your most valuable asset.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:24] Discover the first secret to getting hired in midlife.

[04:44] Use the power of knowing what you don’t want.

[06:44] Learn more about secret 2. 

[11:15] Are you tapping into secret 3  – mindset magic?  

[24:32] Tune in to hear secret 4. 

[30:23] It’s time to uncover secret 5. 

[34:19] Don’t be afraid to use your connections. 

[36:39] Do this if you are volunteering your time. 

Given that 80% of jobs aren’t advertised get yourself ahead of the game with the tips Sarah and Joy share in this episode.

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To learn more about the five secrets to getting hired, check out Sarah’s handy guide and join her Be Inspired Get Hired Facebook Group.

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