[Episode 181] 5 things you should be doing to grow your business right now. Part 1 with Joy Foster  ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 181] 5 things you should be doing to grow your business right now. Part 1 with Joy Foster 

What are you supposed to be doing to grow your business? 📈

This was the question one of the peeps in our LevelUp Mastermind asked chief TechPixie Joy, and it got her thinking about the action steps every business owner should be taking to move the needle forward in their business.

So if you’ve had your head in your hands over your numbers and wondering how so much effort can produce such little return, chances are you’re focusing on the wrong things. 😰

You need this podcast episode in your life, especially because the 5 steps Joy talks about moved TechPixies forward at a time when many businesses were folding. 

Here’s why you need to tune in

In the first in this three-part series, you’ll discover the first two things you need to do to grow your business: how to grow your social media following and then move that following onto your mailing list. You’ll also love the DM strategy Joy has to share and the advice she offers on what to do if you have a small mailing list. 👌🏽

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:49] Why you need social media. 

[05:46] How often should you be posting on social media?

[19:33] If you’re not list building, you don’t have a business.

[26:22] How do you move people from social media to your mailing list? 

[30:39] A preview of the other 3 steps you need to take to grow your business.

[35:44] What if you only have a small mailing list? 

The sales are in the mails, people! But you can’t get potential customers onto your mailing list if you haven’t met them on social media.

Press play now ▶️▶️▶️ 

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