[Episode 179] Easily confused words and the mistakes we’ve all made. How to write with confidence with Sarah Townsend ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 179] Easily confused words and the mistakes we’ve all made. How to write with confidence with Sarah Townsend

Ok, confession time. 

For more years than we care to admit, we thought a damp squib was a damp squid. 🦑😂

Yep, we confused that oh-so-disappointing firework that fizzles out after a few seconds with the (definitely damp) ocean-dwelling creature – and we bet we weren’t the only ones.

Because the English language can be a confusing mashup of words with similar spellings yet wildly different meanings and misheard sayings that we take as read. If you’ve ever said ‘off your own back’, ‘outer-body experience’ or ‘doggy-dog world’, welcome to the confusables club. 

Fortunately, we know just the woman to help us avoid these funny mistakes. Sarah Townsend, the queen of confusables, has published a pocket rocket guide to words we often get wrong, and she’s here to reveal her favourite bits from her book. 

Here’s why you need to tune in

If you’re unsure whether you should be writing practice or practise 😕, or you’re wondering whether it’s bear with or bare with 😲, you need Sarah’s latest book in your life. In this episode, Sarah chats about why she decided to self-publish The Little Book of Confusables, the easily confused words that make her smile and why success isn’t necessarily measured by the amount of money you make. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:00] What inspired Sarah to write her second book? 

[04:06] Is it bear or bare with me? 

[07:02] Hear Sarah’s favourite confusables.

[12:05] What can publishing a book do for you?

[17:15] What lessons did Sarah learn from self-publishing her first book? 

[20:58] A quote you need to hear

If you’re writing copy and want to get it right (and have a chuckle along the way), grab a signed copy of Sarah’s book

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