[Episode 16] How to make a decision when you have multiple options ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 16] How to make a decision when you have multiple options

Current student Dani (previously a Starter -Now a Star!🌟) talks us through her Instagram implementation ideas to work on throughout the Christmas Season! 🎄

Dani says “My background is of PR and communications, but I’m of that generation that, didn’t miss out on Social Media but didn’t grow up using it for professional purposes” which led her to TechPixies!

Let’s talk about the decision Dani has to make. She needs to work on her Instagram over Christmas for her CPD. She currently has five options. Essentially, this is not much easier than having no ideas because she has to make a choice!

🤔 OPTION 1 She ultimately wants to go freelance as a PR communications freelancer. Using her TechPixie Training she has the end goal of having her own business, working from home. This is her BHAG! (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) BUT Is it too soon? She doesn’t have company name or a domain name -yet.

🤔 OPTION 2 She has a friend who has her own handmade Jewellery business… perhaps she can apply her learning to help out a friend and gain experience. The downside? Her friend only has a small following and just getting started. She could make a real difference, but is it her passion?

🤔 OPTION 3 She is a Mum Reporter, writing reviews on theatres and restaurants, etc with a local newspaper. So she could ask the editor if she could expand on that work. It would be fantastic professional experience BUT she doesn’t want to tread on any toes of people already working on the accounts there and doesn’t want to make any mistakes!!

🤔 OPTION 4 She works on her children’s school’s PTA’s Instagram and Facebook. In particular their ‘Wild Place for Nature Garden’. However, its all very new and she doesn’t have all the information yet.

🤔 OPTION 5 Sustainability is her absolute passion and something she has a background in. She doesn’t want to lose this experience.

Watch the livecast or listen to the podcast to hear how TechPixies founder, Joy Foster, helps Dani to organise her thoughts and begin a process of elimination. What decision does she make? Be sure to watch/listen to find out!

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