[Episode 15] How to Create an Instagram Advent Calendar with Hannah Atkins

Do we have an exciting livecast / podcast for you today or what?!

If you are wanting to grow your social media following, brand or page, running a social media advent calendar is a fantastic method and guess what? You don’t have to do it exclusively at advent season, this technique can be used all year round when you want to run a promotion featuring products sequentially.

In this videocast/podcast, we catch up with the very talented Hannah Atkins (@naptimestyle on Instagram) who talks us through how to set up a social media advent calendar like the one she runs for @indietradecollective on Instagram and what to expect when running one.

It’s not as complicated as you think and the rewards can be vast!

While you may have missed out on creating an advent calendar this year, you still have time to produce a 12 Days of Christmas Calendar (25 Dec to 5 Jan), or you can think about prepping for next year, or you can try it out anytime using her techniques. Good luck!  

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