[Episode 13] Find out what Superstar Jen Meakin spent her first paycheck on (shhhhh don't tell her husband!) ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 13] Find out what Superstar Jen Meakin spent her first paycheck on (shhhhh don’t tell her husband!)

What a TechPixies alumni interview we have for you today! Jen Meakin is a popular and active member of the TechPixies community.

Here she shares with us her incredibly honest and heartwarming story of what lead her to TechPixies and she shares her experience throughout.

Jen admits to not being on any social media platforms when the course started! She had to sign up to Facebook to take the course! 🤣 At the beginning of each module, she would need to create an account on that social media platform to complete the training. We love that!

She explains how in the beginning it would take her 45mins to do one tweet! …but Jen has travelled far from those days!

TechPixies founder, Joy Foster, asks Jen, if someone is thinking about doing the TechPixies course, what would your advice be?

“Just do it! I can’t see how it’s not going to have a positive impact in some way -that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become a Social Media Manager. I don’t know how social media will fit into my life. I think there are so many aspects to the course, gaining social media knowledge …the course is structured so you learn so much more about yourself and it’s a supportive environment.. I’ve made friends through the course that I arrange to see… I don’t see why you wouldn’t do it!”

“You’ve got no idea where this is going to lead you to, so many doors 🚪 that you just wouldn’t have imagined before, open. I don’t know where this is going to go but I know I’m going to be shining brightly…thank you from the bottom of my heart” 💖

…and have you earned the money back? asks Joy. *pause* “yes, just. I hesitated because -actually I just went out and bought myself an incredibly expensive jacket” 🧥💅

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