[Episode 129] The sales are in the mails. How Karen Evans grew her business through email, Shopify and social media ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 129] The sales are in the mails. How Karen Evans grew her business through email, Shopify and social media

If you’ve ever watched hundreds of thousands of rubber ducks floating down the river in a thrill-a-moment duck race, you’ll know we Brits go quackers for rubber ducks. But why settle for a plain yellow duck when you could head to Shop4Ducks and get your mitts on one that looks like Albert Quackstein, sorry, Einstein? 😂

With a business this fun, it’s no wonder Karen Evans and her husband Andy are rocking it on Shopify. Growth has been pretty phenomenal in the past year, and in this week’s podcast, we’re treated to an insight into the incredible results Karen’s seen as a result of upping her game on social media and email. 

Here’s why you need to tune in

If you want an impressive display of what it means to know your numbers, this podcast is about to blow you away. 🙌 Karen has got her data down and has used all that number-crunching to make some strategic decisions, such as focusing on returning customers and putting on her brave pants to send her first-ever email newsletter. As our chief TechPixie @techpixiejoy will tell you, the sales are in the mails but get your social media strategy right, and just like Karen, you could be quoting phenomenal sales stats too. 📈

Here’s what to listen out for:

[04:02] Karen talks about joining TechPixies and what she’s learned. 

[05:40] Karen shares her 2021 v. 2020 social media analytics and the incredible growth 

[08:16] Discover how Karen overcame her initial fear of sending her first newsletter email and the results of being courageous. 

[11:58] Learn about a technique that Karen used to boost sales on Shopify.

[12:34] Karen hones in on her returning customer rate. 

[17:40] Hear about Karen’s experience at TechPixies. 

[20:06] Learn about Karen’s next move. 

It’s time for you to go and delve into your data while we go and tinker with our new TechPixies Shopify store. Expect a whole heap of sparkly swag soon.✨🌟

🎧 Press play now. ▶️▶️▶️

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