[Episode 126] What does it take to win investment? Eric Collins, VC and supporter of underrepresented entrepreneurs, fills us in ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 126] What does it take to win investment? Eric Collins, VC and supporter of underrepresented entrepreneurs, fills us in

Beyonce might have belted out Run The World (Girls) way back in 2011, but more than 10 years on, and we’re still scratching our heads at the progress being made.  

Because in the UK today, less than 2.9% of venture capital (VC) investment goes to women. If that wasn’t bad enough, less than 0.2% of VC investment ends up in the hands of black founders. Is that steam we see coming out of your ears? 🤯

Fortunately, one man is seeking to redress the balance. Eric Collins is the CEO of Impact X Capital, a VC investment firm that exists to support underrepresented entrepreneurs. And we’ve been lucky enough to grab some time with him to mine Eric for his tops tips on how women and BIPOC founders can go about winning more of the VC funding pot.

If you caught Eric on Channel 4’s The Money Maker, you’ll already be familiar with his incredible advice, and this episode is 37 minutes of podcast gold. 

Here’s why you need to tune in

From discussing whether the Black Lives Matter protests have done anything to change the playing field to revealing the best way to approach a venture capital investment meeting, Eric dishes out nugget after golden nugget. Tune in, and you’ll hear why you need to create FOMO, what really gets an investor’s attention and what separates a great pitch from one that misses the mark.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:04] Hear about the work of Impact X Capital

[04:41] Eric shares his thoughts on the impact of the Black Lives Matter protests.

[08:43] Eric explains why he set up his business in the UK. 

[14:12] Discover what Eric looks for in entrepreneurs going for investment. 

[19:56] Eric and Joy discuss their top tips when seeking investment. 

[27:38] What makes an impressive pitch? 

[31:57] Consider the first impression you make on an investor. 

[33:56] Discover the businesses Impact X Capital has invested in.

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