[Episode 122] The key Instagram trends you need to know in 2022 with our Insta Ninja, Sophie Bradley ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 122] The key Instagram trends you need to know in 2022 with our Insta Ninja, Sophie Bradley

Oof! Instagram was on a mission last year, wasn’t it? 🔥

2021 might have been the year that saw the world go into meltdown as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had a little mishap (cue some hilarious reactions and memes on Twitter 😂), but when Insta wasn’t down and out, it felt like you’d just about get sorted with one feature only for another to arrive two minutes later.

Head. Spin. 🤯

And if you’ve checked out Adam Mosseri’s feed lately (he’s Insta’s big cheese), you’ll have seen that 2022 looks set to be just as action-packed. So who better to guide us through it all than our resident Insta Ninja, Sophie Bradley? 😍

Here’s why you need to tune in

If you want to create marketing magic, grow your community, make connections, and generate content your audience will fall in love with, Sophie’s here with all the gossip on how Instagram is putting you in the driving seat. Discover why Reels are set to be even BIGGER (don’t worry, you can still keep on pointing and jumping!), hear how you’ll be able to collaborate and make money, and learn about some MAJOR changes to Insta’s feed. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:47] Find out if Guides are worth bothering with. 

[04:19] Discover why you should be taking the lead from Insta’s Adam Mosseri.

[11:06] Hear why 2022 is the advent of creator-led commerce. 

[12:46] Are you ready to make some money? 

[18:51] What’s the best way to collaborate with others? 

[25:59} Find out about the big, big developments coming to the Insta feed this year. 

[29:05] And what’s the news with Stories? 

So to get ahead of the pack with a content strategy that rocks, this is is an episode you Reely need to tune in to. 

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Instagram’s Adam Mosseri’s Look Ahead to 2022

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