[Episode 12] Interview with alumni - Angela Hiscott ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 12] Interview with alumni – Angela Hiscott

We have a special alumni interview today with Angela Hiscott!

In her early days in marketing, before her career break, she tells us how her colleagues were not sure if this ‘internet thing’ was going to be successful! 

Find out:

What attracted Angela to the course?

⭐What did she get out of it?

⭐Why does she recommend CPD?

⭐How did she get one up on her daughter!?

⭐Find out about her ventures in the music industry with Fine Lines!

⭐What does she have in store for the future?!

If you are considering the TechPixies course, or embarking on a career in social media / digital marketing -Do not miss this interview!

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