[Episode 113] How do you launch a podcast? TechPixie Annmarie Miles on how she did it and why she believes anything is possible ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 113] How do you launch a podcast? TechPixie Annmarie Miles on how she did it and why she believes anything is possible

Isn’t it bad enough that we have to deal with the little voice inside our head (you know the one – the inner critic that can be as savage as the Strictly judges branding a Paso ‘pedestrian’. 💃 Ouch!) without those closest to us adding fuel to the fire? Those innocent, throwaway comments made about our character or personality that we silently adopt as limiting beliefs that then hold us back. 

But if you want to hear how our guest on the podcast this week cracked her biggest limiting belief and is now putting all sorts of dreams into action as a result, you need to hit play on this week’s episode. ▶️

Here’s why you need to tune in

Annmarie Miles is a woman on a mission. With the help of TechPixies, she realised that anything was possible if she took action, and she’s now the proud host of her own podcast as well as the owner of a business that helps the tech-shy become tech-savvy. And with TED talks and a speaking career in her sights, her future is looking pretty rosy right now. 🌈

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:00] Why Annmarie believes there is nothing beyond her reach. 

[04:10] Why you need to know what you would really love. 

[06:04] Annmarie discusses her biggest limiting belief. 

[08:49] The power of gratitude. 

[12:04] Annmarie talks about launching her podcast. 

[17:09] How Annmarie is helping people with tech and social media. 

[20:08] Buy Annmarie a coffee.

[22:36] How does a quantum leap in your life work? 

[25:30] What is brain priming? 

If you’ve got a dream and that small voice is holding you back, we’ll leave you with this mic-drop moment from our chief TechPixie Joy: “It’s about taking daily action; it’s about making that pursuit happen. But it’s really about believing that the thing that you want is actually possible.”  

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Annmarie is a published author. Check out her latest book Gorse Lodge here

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Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich 

TechPixies Free Training – 3 Social Media Steps to a Quantum Leap Life

Annmarie’s Podcast – Words, Wobbles and Wisdom 

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