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[Episode 109] How one YouTube video changed psychotherapist Elliott Connie’s life

Elliott Connie. Wow, just wow! 

We invited Elliott onto the Sparkle and Thrive podcast to talk about the incredible success of his YouTube channel. But we couldn’t have predicted just how rich in depth this episode would become. It’s got soundbites galore!!!.

Check out these Elliottisms: 

🙌 “If you can figure out a way to give your pain purpose, it is no longer pain. Once you give pain purpose, it instantaneously turns into passion.” 

🙌 “The greatest thing to affect change is hope.” 

🙌 “Don’t have a conservation with me about how I got lost, have a conservation with me about the process of getting found.” 

🙌 “You really can’t be driven by external factors; like I’m doing this to get views, I’m doing this to get money, I’m doing this get to noticed. You have to be doing it because it’s important to you to put it out into the world.”


Here’s why you need to tune in

This episode isn’t just the behind-the-scenes story of a man who posted his 1004th video on YouTube and now has a six-figure book deal and TV show in the pipeline. This is an episode about taking action, living in gratitude, and why our goals can lead us to focus on the wrong thing. Plus, you’ll also discover Elliott’s thoughts on the biggest mistake people make on YouTube.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[06:22] What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy? 

[10:32] Hear why Elliott got into psychotherapy and why it lights him up. 

[14:14] Why it’s not helpful to show people what they’ve done wrong. 

[18:52] Are you focused on the wrong thing? 

[19:52] Are you living in gratitude? 

[25:58] How Elliott changed the narrative of his life.

[34:31] Why your highs should be higher and your lows should be higher. 

[35:00] What is the biggest mistake that people make when they start a YouTube channel?

[36:31] Learn about Elliott’s 1004th video. 

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*Trigger warning: this week’s episode touches on abuse and suicide. If you’re affected by any of the issues raised, check out the links below for details of organisations that can offer support. If you prefer, you could choose to skip 07:30-08:29 and 25:04-26:48.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Samaritans – 116 123

Refuge – 0808 2000 247

Mel Robbins – The High Five Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit 

Raymond Charles Barker – The Power of Decision: A Step-by-Step Program to Overcome Indecision and Live Without Failure Forever

Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich

Elliott Connie – Battling Past Traumas: My Story

Free training – 3 Social Media Steps to a Quantum Leap Life 

Connect with Elliott 

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