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[Episode 10] Climbing the Mountain

In this episode, our founder Joy Foster, talks about when she visited the Entrepreneur Experience. Joy’s hero, Rachel Hollis, was a speaker and she didn’t disappoint! In this episode you’ll learn about the obstacles that hold us back from success:

👉 Comparison – Are you comparing yourself to others? If this hits home for you, you might want to watch ‘keeping your eyes in the boat’ using the link below for more indepth look at this issue, after you watch this episode.

👉 Fear of Failure – Find out Rachel’s insights into fear of failure and the importance of having a tribe, in her words a ‘Hypesquad’, people who you can tap into who will build you up and not tear you down when you need encouraging.

👉 Knowledge isn’t power, Applied knowledge is power. -What is applied knowledge, what mindset is needed and how can you implement this?

Hear Rachel’s inspirational story ‘Climbing the Mountain’ and take time to consider the mountains you want to climb in your life, 🧗 the base camps you’ll use, the obstacles you’ll overcome and the tools you’ll need for success.

There will be times when you want to quit BUT it is in overcoming the obstacles that make you want to quit that will help you get to the top! The point is to keep going so you get to summit of the mountain!

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