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CPD Calls

The CPD Calls are now finished. Please watch the FINAL CPD CALL HERE. You can watch previous CPD calls in the Guides in the Facebook group.

CPD Deadlines – THE FINAL DEADLINE for CPD Reports is 30 April 2021. These reports are only meant for students to complete who were part of the programme prior to, and including, Cohort 21. If you joined after May 2021, please do not worry about the CPD reports, instead focus on the CPD quizzes.

Official link from CPD explaining what it is


For more detail about the CPD Report and/or to submit your report, scroll down. Due dates are in this document. 👇

If you would like to receive CPD Certification, you will need to create a CPD report. The CPD Certification is included in your course fee if you are part of an active cohort (within 12 months of signing up) or have paid to receive extended access as outlined above.

There are 2 sections for your CPD report.

SECTION I: Demonstrates you know how to set up profiles across 4 networks as well as post properly on each one of them. We are no longer accepting Section I reports unless you started your report before we replaced it with the CPD Quizzes.

Section II: Demonstrates you know how to not only set up and post correctly, but that you know how to create, execute and report on a 28-day campaign. By completing Section II, you will demonstrate you are a ‘TechPixies Social Media Service Provider’ and will receive a certificate which will eventually be CPD-certified (we are in process of getting CPD-certification).

The links below will be helpful when you are creating the CPD Reports:

SECTION I (please note this has been replaced with the CPD Quizzes)


In order to create your report, you will need to use Google docs and Google slides as well as the snipping tool. Please review the Google Drive Bonus for a refresher.

You can copy the existing report and edit it to include your snippings.

In order to copy the report, you will need to be logged into Gmail. Click on the sample report to open it, then click FILE -> Make a Copy. Then rename it and edit it from there. Please do not alter the format and remember to replace the images and copy with your own.