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CPD Calls

We have several CPD calls available in 2020. Most students finish the course and then submit their CPD report, but some work on it as they go through the course. The CPD calls will be done LIVE in the Current Students and Alumni Facebook Group. Here is a link to the replays which are located in Units.

CPD Deadlines

Morning CPD Calls

7 Jan 2021 at 11am GMT

4 Mar 2021 at 11am GMT

6 May 2021 at 11am BST

1 July 2021 at 11am BST

9 September 2021 at 11am BST

4 November 2021 at 11am GMT

Evening CPD Calls

3 Dec 2020 at 8pm GMT

4 Feb 2021 at 8pm GMT

22 April 2021 at 8pm BST

10 June 2021 at 8pm BST

5 August 2021 at 8pm BST

7 October 2021 at 8pm BST

2 Dec 2021 at 8pm GMT


Official link from CPD explaining what it is

You now have 12 months from the start date of your course to complete your CPD report. Please feel free to submit your report BEFORE your deadline. Submission dates are the LAST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH and your submissions will be reviewed and returned back to you on the LAST FRIDAY OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH (not including December or August).

If you are unsure of your due date, please see your Course Dates Calendar on the COHORT INFO page.

Upcoming deadlines:

  • Cohort 17 Deadline (extension due to Coronavirus): Friday 30 October 2020
  • Cohort 18 Deadline: Friday 27 November 2020
  • Cohort 19 Deadline: Friday 29 January 2021
  • Cohort 20 Deadline: Friday 26 February 2021

If your 12-month access has expired and you would like to a CPD report, there is a £150+VAT fee in order to get your CPD Report reviewed past the 12-month access period. You will have 12 months to submit your CPD report from when you have extended access and you are welcome to re-do the online version of the course (no coaching calls included unless there are spare spaces).

For more detail about the CPD Report and/or to submit your report, scroll down 👇

If you would like to receive CPD Certification, you will need to create a CPD report. The CPD Certification is included in your course fee if you are part of an active cohort (within 12 months of signing up) or have paid to receive extended access as outlined above.

There are 2 sections for your CPD report.

ONLY SECTION I is required for your ‘Social Media Magic Star’ CPD Certification.

SECTION I: Demonstrates you know how to set up profiles across 4 networks as well as post properly on each one of them.

In order to receive ‘Social Media Magic Superstar’ CPD Certification, you’ll need to submit both SECTION I and SECTION II.

Section II: Demonstrates you know how to create a Visual Marketing Plan (VMP), pre-schedule posts and report on how your posts did.

The links below will be helpful when you are creating the CPD Report:

In order to create your report, you will need to know how to use Google Slides and also the Snipping tool. Please refer to Module 1 if you need a refresher.

You can copy the existing report and edit it to include your snippings.

In order to copy the report, you will need to be logged into Gmail. Click on the sample report to open it, then click FILE -> Make a Copy. Then rename it and edit it from there. Please do not alter the format and remember to replace the images and copy with your own.