CPD Report

If you would like to receive CPD Certification, you will need to create a CPD report. The CPD Certification is included in your course fee if you are part of cohorts 9 and onwards. If you would like to get CPD certification and you are part of cohorts 1-8 or signed up to the self-paced courses, you will need to pay £150+VAT and you will need to submit a report for us to review.

UPDATE AS OF 07/10/19:

You have 12 months from the start date of your course to submit your report. The deadlines are on the Course Dates page as well as information about what happens if you miss the deadline.

UPDATE AS OF 22/7/19: To reduce overwhelm, we have separated the report into 3 sections.

ONLY SECTION I is required for your ‘Social Media Magic’ CPD Certification.

SECTION I: Demonstrates you know how to set up profiles across 4 networks as well as post properly on each one of them.

We are working on an additional certification which would be for a ‘TechPixies Approved Social Media Manager’, in order to qualify for this certification, you need to submit Section II.

Section II: Demonstrates you know how to create a Visual Marketing Plan (VMP), pre-schedule posts and report on how your posts did.

Section III: Demonstrates you have experimented with paid advertising.

The links below will be helpful when you are creating the CPD Report:

In order to create your report, you will need to know how to use Google Slides and also the Snipping tool. You can copy the existing report and edit it to include your snippings.

In order to copy the report, you will need to be logged into Gmail. Click on the sample report to open it, then click FILE -> Make a Copy. Then rename it and edit it from there.

Information on how to use the Snipping tool is in Lesson 4 of Module 1 (pre cohort 17) and in the Onboarding Module 1 (post cohort 17).

Don’t forget, you can watch videos on how to use Google Drive (which includes Google Slides) in your Technical Video Library.

  • BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR LINK IS 'VIEWABLE BY ANYONE' Step 1: In order to do this, click on the 'Share' button on the top right of the page Step 2: Then click on 'Get Shareable Link' Step 3: Then select the drop down under 'link sharing' and hit 'more' Step 4: When the new menu shows up, you need to select 'On - Anyone with the Link' and then hit 'save' Step 5: Hit 'Copy Link' and then paste it in the space above.