Get Started Information (Welcome Message, Certificate of Completion)

Welcome to the TechPixies Self-Paced Social Media Superhero Bootcamp. We are delighted you are here.


After each training, you will see your bonuses and technical videos so that you can do your homework. The homework, bonuses and technical videos for each training can also be found in the side menu.


Lastly, in order to get your CPD Certificate (CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development), you’ll need to complete all 3 quizzes. There are 5-6 questions in each quiz and you need around 80% to pass. So long as you’ve watched the training, you should be able to answer the quiz questions. The quizzes should only take 5-10 minutes max. Your Certificate will be CPD-Certified. The cheatsheets found in the bonuses of each training will help you to prepare for the quizzes.