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Course Dates and Facebook Group Links for Active Cohorts:

Cohort 17 Course Dates Calendar (Cohort 17 Facebook Group Link)

Cohort 18 Course Dates Calendar (Cohort 18 Facebook Group Link)

Cohort 19 Course Dates Calendar (Cohort 19 Facebook Group Link)

Cohort 20 Course Dates Calendar (Cohort 20 Facebook Group Link)

Did you miss a daily LIVE? You can catch up here. At the moment, this document only has a cohort 20 tab, but we’ll be putting in tabs for cohorts 17-19 shortly.

Cohorts 1-11

  • You can re-join any future cohorts and redo the material with the most up to date information for just £90+VAT (which includes the Triple Workshop bonus). [sign up here]
  • OR If you want CPD Certification as well as the up to date curriculum and the ability to jump on a current cohort, it is £150+VAT. [sign up here]

If you are looking for CPD Information, it has been moved to its own page: