[BONUS EPISODE] TechPixie Suzanne Luft shares her lockdown breast cancer story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month ⋆ TechPixies

[BONUS EPISODE] TechPixie Suzanne Luft shares her lockdown breast cancer story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Are you wearing pink today? 🙋 If not, go and ferret around in your wardrobe and find something in the shade because it’s Wear It Pink Day. It’s a day we’re asking you to go and do your self-exam and get to know what’s normal for you. Because doing so really could save your life. 

Just ask Suzanne Luft. She’s a TechPixie who answered our call to share her story during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we’re so incredibly grateful she did. After all, sharing stories and talking about breast cancer is what this month is all about. 

Here’s why you need to tune in

You’ll hear about Suzanne’s lockdown diagnosis and how the NHS swung into action. You’ll discover Suzanne’s thoughts on the power of community and how talking through her automatic negative thoughts, particularly around the prospect of chemotherapy, provided some comfort. And you’ll discover Joy, our founder’s thoughts, on trying to get a mammogram. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:12] Suzanne shares how she discovered a lump. 

[05:24] Tune in to hear Suzanne’s important message.

[11:36] Why you need to just let go.

[15:17] STEBDAR and automatic negative thoughts. 

[20:34] Hear Suzanne’s technique for controlling her anxiety. 

[27:45] Why you need to be breast aware whatever your age. 

We know that breast cancer affects a number of women in the TechPixies community and beyond, so we hope Suzanne’s words of wisdom help… and perhaps even provide a little comfort. Suzanne, thanks once again for sharing your experience, and we wish you all the very best with your recovery. 🙏

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Useful links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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Macmillan Cancer Support  

Breast Cancer Now – Wear It Pink 

NHS – How should I check my breasts?

CoppaFeel – Boob Check 101

Sign up to the Joy Book Club

Action Cancer – The Big Bus 

Connect with Suzanne

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