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WordPress Workshop

WordPress is the most powerful CMS (content management system) on the web and powers over 30% of all websites.

While this course won’t teach you how to build one, you will walk away with the knowledge you need in order to work with an existing WordPress website (editing posts, changing the menu, updating forms, etc.) and/or overcome your fear of WordPress enough to have a go and build one yourself!

In this 2 hour recorded workshop, you’ll learn…

Websites – Why you need them and the 5 different types

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: Many, many people get confused about this so don’t be upset if you are one of them! We’ll sort you out.

WordPress Key Terminology Cheatsheet: We’ll define the key terms that you will encounter in WordPress. Terms like: Theme, Page, Post, Menu, Plugins (including a list of my favs!), Forms, Widgets, Topbar/Sidebar/Footer, Custom Favicon

Structural Layout of a WordPress Website: I’ll show you how a typical WordPress page is laid out.

WordPress and Social Media: Making sure your website links look good on Social Media is essential! I’ll teach you how to use the Yoast SEO plugin to make sure your links scrape well and increase hits to your website.

USER JOURNEY BONUS: I’ll show you how to think about (and structure) the user journey for your website to make sure that your user has the best experience for them.

About your Instructor Joy Foster

Joy Foster is the Founder and Managing Director of TechPixies. She has used WordPress for over a decade. Prior to setting up TechPixies, she set up and ran a WordPress Development Agency that built WordPress websites for charities.

TechPixies currently runs on WordPress.