Grant Thornton POW WOW

The TechPixie programme would like to thank the Oxford-based Grant Thornton office for their generous corporate partnership in offering us the use off the POW WOW room for the TechPixies course. The POW WOW space is open to the wider … Read More

Joy Foster

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Joy Foster is a 3x Social Entrepreneur based in Oxford. As a mum of two herself, Joy set up TechPixies as she saw a need for a training programme which would enable women who’ve been out of work for an extended period to … Read More

Emma Woo

Has a BA in Theology and most recently helped get the TechPixies programme off the ground. Based in East Oxford. After staying at home for 8 years with small children, I was hired to project manage the TechPixies programme. When … Read More

Phoebe Larcombe

“An excellent course! A fantastic bunch of women, an amazing life coach and some great teaching. I came away with added confidence, new skills and some great friends. As a direct result I now have a job that I really … Read More

Meirion Hood

“I was blown away by the TechPixies course – in particular the course instructor’s  commitment to helping everyone on the course back to work. Everyone found some aspect of digital marketing that they love – whether it’s design, tech, data … Read More

Helen Moss-Black

“Applying for this course was a giant leap out of my comfort zone – with no previous marketing experience at all. The learning curve has been steep but one of the many things that sets this course above the rest … Read More

Anna Meachin

“Life changing! So much to learn, access to the latest thinking, supportive coaching, real-life client experience and a group of like-minded women. Over a year later I’m still learning from this programme and the network it has given me. Best … Read More

Heidi Evans

“If you are thinking of going back to work after a career break, but feel that you may lack the confidence or need to update your skills, then the TechPixies program is for you! A hugely supportive environment with like-minded … Read More

Verity Arndt

“After trying to return to work with two small children and finding it tough, I took some time out to reconsider my options. The skills and support I got from Techpixies helped me see my value in the workplace and … Read More