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Award-Winning CPD-Certified Social Media Foundations Courses

For the first time EVER we are making our award-winning CPD-certified Social Media Foundations Modules available as individual courses.

ALL of our Social Media Foundations courses follow the same award-Winning structure:


Lesson 1: Key Terminology

You’ll get a fabulous overview of ALL the relevant and important terminology for the social media network you are learning about.

Lesson 2: Profile/Bio

You’ll learn how to set up your profile/bio professionally and learn some top tips to make it a profile people want to engage with and follow.

Lesson 3: Algorithm/Feed

You’ll finally understand how the algorithm works and why certain posts get seen more than others.

Lesson 4: Post Properly

There are many different ways to post on each network. In this lesson, we’ll break down how to do it properly so you maximise your reach.


Lesson 5: Engagement

Engagement is the first step towards social media success. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to increase engagement on the social media network you are learning about.

Lesson 6: Growth

Once you’ve nailed engagement, it is time to start growing! This module will teach you some of the top tips and tricks for growing your social media community.

Lesson 7: Analytics/Insights

It is super important to reflect on what’s working vs what’s not working. The BEST way to do this is by looking at your insights and analytics.

What’s included in each lesson?

▶️ You’ll get a short 2-10 minute video in each lesson which gets you up to speed quickly with all of the core concepts associated with the network you want to learn about.

📄 You’ll also get a support document with EVERY lesson which you can print out and refer back to when you just need a quick reminder of a key point.

🏆 All of the Social Media Foundations Courses are CPD-Certified, which means they have been checked and approved by The CPD Certification Service, the leading independent CPD accreditation institution in the UK. The certification is compatible with global CPD principles. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.

🏵️ CPD-Certified Certificate of Completion following an 80% pass on the quizzes associated with the lessons you’ve learned.

Do I get any bonuses?

YES! At TechPixies, WE LOVE bonuses! Each Social Media Foundations course comes with a few fabulous bonuses:

📘 PDF download of the book ‘Social Media Success’. Joy Foster, the founder of TechPixies wrote the book to help women understand how social media works and how they can leverage it to return to work, change careers or start a business.

🎧 Private audio playlist of all the lessons in case you want to re-listen while out and about.

TAKE ACTION Worksheets to help you solidify what you’ve learned and put it into practice right away!

📄 QUICK START Checklists & Guides for specific features relevant to the Social Media Network you are learning studying. For example, we have a Quick Start Checklist for Facebook & Instagram Shopping in the Instagram and Facebook Foundations OR a Quick Start Guide to Twitter Spaces.

🎙️ A round-up of top Sparkle & Thrive podcasts specifically about the network you are learning about.

💖 A Life-Coaching Toolkit covering 12 different blocks you may be facing preventing you from using social media. We cover things like: Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, Compare & Despair, Cognitive Bias, etc.

🎁 We’ll also gift you our Branding Workshop so you can get up to speed with the importance of being ‘on brand’, how to set up your brand guidelines and we’ll even throw in our Size Matters Cheatsheet, which we update regularly so you know what size your images should be on social media!

Why learn from TechPixies?

We’ve been teaching social media to thousands of women since 2015. We have improved and perfected our award-winning social media curriculum based on feedback from our students. We don’t just teach social media, we also address some of the major barriers women face when putting themselves on social media with our very own Social Media Life Coaching Toolkit.

Still not sure if learning from TechPixies is right for you? Here are just a few of our 230+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews from Google:

A wonderful online training resource for upskilling in the social media arena. Passionate and driven to improve the lives of women through tech. Highly recommended!

Kim L.

This is the best approach I’ve seen in social media training – by addressing the barriers that need to be conquered as well as the technical and pragmatic tools. What an insightful process…that is spot on for what is needed.

Gail R.

How long do I have access to the foundations course?

Your access to the course you have chosen will expire after 3 months. At that point, you can extend your access to the course OR you can upgrade to our Social Media Mastery Self-Study Membership or our Advanced Certification Programmes (coming soon!).

Why does access expire?

There are two reasons we limit the access to 3 months:

  1. We actually want you to finish it! At TechPixies we have a 74% completion rate which means that our students ACTUALLY finish their courses. This kind of completion rate is UNHEARD of in the online industry where most courses never get started, let alone completed!
  2. Social Media changes so fast! Our team of coaches regularly update the curriculum based on what is trending on the network itself. If you want the latest updates, you can extend access to your course or upgrade to our membership when your access expires.

Why invest in upskilling?

Investing in upskilling is one of the absolute best things you can do and there are many advantages such as:

✨ CPD-Certification will help you feel more confident when talking to employers and clients

✨ CPD-Certification can be funded by employers

✨ CPD-Certification can strengthen your case for a salary, package or hourly rate increase

What is the investment?

You can invest in our Social Media Foundations individual courses for just £397 (or £297 when on special offer!).

Clicking on the links below will add the social media foundations course to your cart. **IMPORTANT** Before you checkout, make sure you double-check the quantity to make sure you haven’t added duplicate products to your basket.:

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Are there any refunds?

We do not provide refunds for our Social Media Foundations Courses unless you have accidentally made a duplicate purchase. For more information check out our refunds/cancellation policy.

Have a question?

If you would like to invest in more than one course, you should consider upgrading to our Social Media Mastery Self-Study Membership or our Advanced Certification Programmes (coming soon!).

To speak to someone about your options or if you have any other questions, please email [email protected].