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TechPixies Results Journal (Printable)



The TechPixies Results Journal is a 7 Day colour-coded repeatable system that will help you intentionally achieve results.



Who is the TechPixies Results Journal designed for?

Over-achievers, optimists, go-getters who want to be INTENTIONAL and GET RESULTS.

People who have hopes and dreams but feel stuck in accomplishing them.

People who want accountability (you get to join a free facebook group when you purchase the TechPixies Results Journal)

A note from Joy:

This journal is meant to help you to become more intentional so that you can start to get results.

An intentional week might look like this:

SUNDAY fill out the 5 things you want to do in each of the 3 categories. You can pick 2 of them, but I have given you one = YOURSELF. If you aren’t looking after yourself, you can’t look after others (a little tip I got from School for Mothers!). My personal categories are WORK, MYSELF, FAMILY/MARRIAGE.

MONDAY – FRIDAY each morning pick the ONE THING you need to do that day for each of the 3 categories BUT here is the key: when you write down the ONE THING, write it down as if you have already done it (which is also why you want to do it in the morning BEFORE the day has started). A trick to make this super successful – BE SPECIFIC. Say what time you did what you did and how long it tookyou to do and why you are proud of having done it.

SATURDAY review the week. What went well? What could have gone better? What is the ONE THING (just ONE THING) that you must accomplish next week?

By doing these exercises every day, you will form a habit of being intentional about your results each week.

Need accountability? Join our ‘Results Journal’ Facebook Group where you can post pictures of your journal and get encouragement from like-minded women. You will be sent a link to the Facebook Group when you purchase the journal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I skip a day? That is ok. Just don’t skip 2 days. I’ve included a daily tracker that you can tick off each day that you do the work so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment for doing it.

How long will it take me to get in the habit of doing this daily? You may find that your first week, you only manage a every other day but stick with it. In your second week, try and do one day more than your first. In your third week, do one more day than your second, etc. Eventually, if you stick with it, you will get your results.

What will help me to do this daily? Pick the same time each day to work on it. Sundays will take the longest to do but will be much easier the second week than the first.

What happens if I didn’t get the results I wanted for the day? That is OK. Forgive yourself and if it is important, roll it onto the next day. If it is important, keep rolling it until you do it. If it isn’t important, replace it with something that is.

I have a MILLION things to do!?!?! How do I narrow it down to just 15 for the whole week? Yep, I get it – we all have a million things on our to do list BUT it has been proven that if you don’t limit your to do list, your likelihood of getting it done is, well, unlikely. Overwhelm sets in and nothing gets done. SOOOO… you need to force yourself to be super intentional and focus on accomplishing the most important things that will give you the results you need.


If you do this journal the way it is intended, you will see results. However, as an added incentive, I will refund your £5 if you do the work and don’t see the results.

HOWEVER, to qualify for a refund you must have done these 2 steps first:

  1. Have joined the Facebook accountability group
  2. Posted a pic your completed daily sheet in the group each day for 1 month

Please use the contact form to request a refund.