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Mailchimp Workshop

Email is NOT DEAD, in fact it is a vital part of a modern communication plan.

In this workshop, you will walk away with a solid introduction to MailChimp and the confidence to speak to a client or an employer about how best to use MailChimp to move your business or charity forwards.

In this 2 hour recorded workshop, you’ll learn…

Email Marketing 101: Why email marketing is still important, how frequently you should email your list, what to email them, good open and click through rates, how to use social to grow your mailing list

MailChimp Key Terminology Cheatsheet: We’ll define the key terms that you will encounter in MailChimp. Terms like: List, Group, Tag, Audience, Segment, Landing Page

Tour of MailChimp: I’ll walk you through the 3 key areas of Mailchimp – Campaigns, Audience and Reports

Get Started with MailChimp: I’ll show you how to set up a Landing Page, create a welcome email, upload existing emails into segmented groups or tags, set up your first email and how to replicate emails to save you time.

BONUS VIDEOS: You’ll receive 2 bonus interviews with the experts including an interview with TechPixie Merion Hood who used MailChimp while working at a startup and Bobby Klinck, an email engagement expert on how to connect with your email list.

About your Instructor Joy Foster

Joy Foster is the founder and Managing Director of TechPixies. She has used MailChimp for more than a decade to help businesses and charities communicate with their customers and service users.