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TechPixies is an award-winning CPD Accredited social enterprise helping women to upskill with Social Media, MailChimp and WordPress. Since 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of women return to work, change careers and launch businesses leveraging modern technology.

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TechPixies has been named a WINNER for Digital Course of the Year in the inaugural DigitalWomen Awards.

The DigitalWomen Awards in association with Natwest Business and the Federation of Small Businesses celebrate women working in digital and digital business from their amazing community and beyond who are doing the most incredible work in the digital space they operate in, those who are making the right moves and going beyond and above what is usually expected. The awards were open to women working in digital and entrepreneurship and entrants go through a rigorous judging process by their esteemed panel. 

2018 Startup of the Year



2017 Female Startup of the Year


2016 Women’s Champion


2016/17 ‘Grow it’ Award


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Why you need a company page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has suddenly got its rear in gear. 👏🏽

It’s been dropping features faster than @techpixiejoy in a race to win the chocolate face game (believe us when we say she’s got skillz).

From 40 updates in 2021 to more than 100 in 2022, the platform has released a stack of new features that have made it a much more user-friendly place to hang out.

And if you’ve struggled to keep up with all the changes, don’t panic! 😊

We’ve called on Marianne Avery @sociallymaz, our brilliant LinkedIn coach, to talk you through the key features and trends you need to level up your LinkedIn game in 2023. 👌🏾

▶️▶️▶️ Watch/Listen now 🎧

Link in bio.

Do you have a company page on LinkedIn yet?

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We survived the first week… not sure Elmo did!

Welcome to the Foster family Everest, our 8 week old Golden Retriever.

Everest is a dream come true for us. My daughter, who is nearly 13, has been asking for a dog since she knew the word ‘dog’. When we said no, she collected stuffed animals… hundreds of them…

A couple of years ago, we conceded and got a cat, @asteroid_the_cat. While we love Asteroid, the desire for the dog never left.

When I started running vision workshops in Nov 2021, Heidi decided that a Golden Retriever would be one of her dreams.

Last weekend, we decided to ‘test out the dream’ - one of the principles of DreamBuilding is that you take small action steps to ‘try on the dream’.

What surprised everyone was how instantly my husband fell in love with Everest. In the end, we knew we could only do it if everyone was on board.

So far so good. We are loving her and even the cat is finding his way. I’m grateful for brave thinking tools like the DreamBuilder programme.

#goldenretrieverpuppy #techpixiespets #bebraveandsparkle

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Make money from YouTube

Been badgered by your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews for a bottle of Prime yet? 😯

Welcome to the power of YouTube, my friend.

While we can’t promise this week’s podcast episode will send your next video viral, we do have our resident YouTube coach in the house to help skyrocket your views with all the goss on the biggest YouTube trends in 2023. 🚀

Yep, Aby Moore is chatting with @joyfoster about the 8-second rule, Shorts and why silence is golden right now (and how you can make the most of it). But she’s also got some juicy news about how you can make money from the world’s second-largest engine. 👌🏽

You know what to do…

Link in bio.

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TechPixies. The before & after

You are going to love this week’s podcast episode. Not least because it gives you the perfect excuse to go and check out Sarah Darling’s fab Insta @k9gaitmassage. 🐶

We’re putting the kettle on while you do… ☕

Ok, fess up! How long was it before you got misty-eyed at the heartwarming stories about some of our cutest canine companions?

No wonder Sarah gets teary whenever she posts!!!

With all her fancy vids and stories, you wouldn’t know it now, but Sarah used to be a self-confessed tech dinosaur. What’s more, she felt the pandemic had shattered her value and sense of self-worth.

But 3 years on, life is looking very different. 🌈

So if you’re looking at social media thinking you’re the only one who doesn’t get it, or you feel too afraid to type that message, this story is for you.

Link in bio.

▶️▶️▶️ Watch/Listen now 🎧

Before you go, tell us your favourite dog story from Sarah’s Insta in the comments. #bebraveandsparkle
#sparkleandthrive #womensupportingwomen
#womenempowerment #selfworth #selfconfidence

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Could a book help your business?

We’ve got a novel idea for you on this week’s episode of the Sparkle & Thrive podcast and you’ll be tickled ink when you hear it (TP pun alert 🤣).

📚 If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing you’re name in print, we know just the woman who can help make it happen… write now.

Having used a book to build a 6-figure-a-year business, Sue Sundstrom now helps entrepreneurs, particularly women of faith, put pen to paper and become an established authority in their niche.

Discover how to make more of an impact in the world by getting your message out there and how your book could be your most powerful lead generator. ✍🏾

▶️▶️▶️ Hit play now, and metaphors be with you.

Links in bio:

P.S. If you want to get published, Sue’s Book to Business Breakthrough 5-Day Challenge kicks off on 16 January.

⭐ TechPixies is an affiliate of Sue’s Challenge, so if you do go and make a purchase, we will receive a commission.

#techpixies #bebraveandsparkle #sparkleandthrivepodcast #writeabook

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And that’s a wrap!!

2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and 8 or so hours of all things launching! The second LevelUp Mastermind Retreat, this time held in Oxford, is officially a wrap!

Looking forward to seeing how these amazing women take this knowledge and use it to grow their businesses over the next 12 months.

#techpixies #bebraveandsparkle #mastermind #ukentrepreneur #womeninbusiness

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If your New Year’s resolutions are starting to feel like the bag of Brussels sprouts you bought for Christmas – they seemed like a good idea at the time – you need this week’s podcast episode in your life. 🆕

Because with the help of a book that used to belong to her dad, @techpixiejoy is revealing how she makes New Year’s resolutions and what to do if you fail at them. 📚

And Joy’s got another treat up her sleeve. If you have an area of your life you’d love to change in 2023 and want to know how to make goals you’ll stick to, come and take 3 hours to ask yourself, ‘who am I here to be and what would I love in my life’ in our Vision Workshop:

Put an action plan in place to achieve your deepest desires and press play now (links in bio). ▶️▶️▶️

What are you hoping to change in 2023? Let us know in the comments. 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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