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TechPixies is an award-winning CPD Accredited social enterprise helping women to upskill with Social Media, MailChimp and WordPress. Since 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of women return to work, change careers and launch businesses leveraging modern technology.

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TechPixies has been named a WINNER for Digital Course of the Year in the inaugural DigitalWomen Awards.

The DigitalWomen Awards in association with Natwest Business and the Federation of Small Businesses celebrate women working in digital and digital business from their amazing community and beyond who are doing the most incredible work in the digital space they operate in, those who are making the right moves and going beyond and above what is usually expected. The awards were open to women working in digital and entrepreneurship and entrants go through a rigorous judging process by their esteemed panel. 

2018 Startup of the Year



2017 Female Startup of the Year


2016 Women’s Champion


2016/17 ‘Grow it’ Award


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Inspiration for introverts. Quantum Leap. We know what you’re thinking: ‘Wasn’t that a programme about a time-travelling physicist in the Nineties?’ ✔️ Yep, you’re totally right.

But at TechPixies, we’re talking about the leaps you make in life that take you from zero to hero. Such as:

🦘 Going from single to engaged in 10 days like @techpixiejoy – that’s a quantum leap.

🦘 Going from 0 to 400 downloads on your podcast – yep, you guessed it.

🦘 And in the case of this week’s guest on the Sparkle and Thrive podcast, this past year has been one BIG quantum leap.

Judy Leung @sweqlink took a career break to be a mum and came to TechPixies wanting to get her career back on track. But even Judy admits she wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

Because not only did this self-confessed introvert get over her fear of putting herself out there on social media, she also co-founded a tech business (for which she’s been named as a finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year category in this year’s Women in Tech Excellence Awards – we’re rooting for you, Judy!!! 🎉🙌🍾).

So, if you’ve been a little scared about taking off the invisibility cloak and getting out there – don’t be! Because look at what can happen when you take a leap of faith.

Tune in to the full episode now 👉

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Procrastination, perfectionism or fear holding you back from getting it done?

You’re not alone.

If you are a TechPixie you will know this is one of our favourite phrases, Done not perfect - let’s get it done & be proud of ourselves doing so!

This can be especially relevant if you are stuck with your social media content. These platforms move so fast that small mistakes often go unnoticed (or can be edited if need be). Don’t spend hours agonising over a single post, we are sure there are lots of other tasks for your business that you could be spending that time working on.

Don’t let the feeling of needing to get it perfect stop you from getting it out there. Just get it DONE!

After all, we all know that life beyond the Insta grid or story isn’t perfect!

Aim for progress not perfection, get it done, not perfect.

Join me on my #tp67daychallenge (see 2 min mentor highlight for story updates) - lets get it done.

⭐ What are you going to get done this week? Let us know in the comments 👇👇

🌟 SHARE this post to your stories or TAG a friend in the comments who could do with some Monday motivation to GET IT DONE, NOT PERFECT this week.

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Oh my goodness. I have never been so excited about cleaning my office!! My daughter’s God Mother introduced me to @thehomeedit while I was in the US and WOW! It works.

I loved the episode with @reesewitherspoon who happens to also be an executive producer of the show. If you haven’t seen it, definitely one to watch on @netflix!

What have you been up to today?!?

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether it’s baby, hot, blush, rose, salmon or cerise, just make sure that whatever you’re wearing today it’s pink! 🌸

It’s Breast Cancer Now’s Wear It Pink Day today (22 October – yay!) 🙌

As you’ll know, it’s part of a month-long awareness drive by breast cancer charities to open the discussion about breast cancer and encourage women to do their self-exam.

Because doing regular self-checks and getting to know what’s normal for you has to be one of the most important acts of self-care we can do. Just ask Suzanne Luft @accentsplus_speechtherapy .

She answered our call to share her breast cancer story on the Sparkle and Thrive podcast in hope that it will acts a reminder to take action if you do ever find a lump. So pop in those AirPods to hear about her lockdown diagnosis, how the power of community helped, and why we think @techpixiejoy’s next mission might just be a breast cancer screening bus. 🚌

Tune into this incredibly important episode here: 👉 (or use Our Sparkle & Thrive Podcast link in our Bio)

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It's T.I.M.E. to crack open the Champagne because...

💥 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER 💥 TechPixies has launched a £47/month Self-Study version of our awarding-winning Social Media Mastery programme and YOU get to be one of the first people to benefit from this MEGA opportunity to upskill in your own time!

Check out all the details here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Link in Bio!

Doors close at 10pm this Friday 22 October 2021!

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The biggest mistake people make on YouTube. We’ve come to the final episode in our Getting Started on YouTube hoorah, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to close out the series than a man whose life has changed thanks to one video.

Elliott [email protected] couldn’t have predicted what would happen when he posted his 1004th video on YouTube. But he’s now looking at a six-figure book deal, a TV show, and dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 😲 All because he avoided the single biggest mistake people make on YouTube (tune into the clip to find out what this is).

So if you want to be inspired by a story that will get you thinking about how you view success, you do not want to miss this: 👉

*Trigger alert: If you are heading to listen to the full episode (and we highly recommend you tune in), please note that Elliott touches on abuse and suicide.*

If you’re inspired to start your own YouTube channel, download our free Getting Started on YouTube guide 👉

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It’s one of those days!!! Heidi caught Covid, I’m jetlagged, the other football team wanted us to forfeit the game because we were struggling to set up the pitch (key setter upper was home with covid daughter). It was an adventure and an opportunity to learn how to just roll with it.

I came home, had a nap, put on my brand new @savetherhinointernational training shirt which arrived while I was gone and jumped on the erg and all is right in the world. Proud of myself for making it to 22/24 days in the #tp67daychallenge. Who else had a learning opportunity today?!?

#techpixies #bebraveandsparkle

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Huge congrats to Sarah from Y.O.U underwear!!!. Whoop whoop 🙌 huge honour to be in the finals next to my good buddy Sarah from @youunderwearuk!!!!

If you don’t know them… they make the best underwear in the world. In fact, I was wearing them today! Go check them out!!

#bebraveandsparkle #techpixies

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