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[Episode 86] Want to return to work or change careers? You’ll need to dream it, design it and do it, says TechPixie and career coach Padma Knowles

JUST STOP IT, STOP IT! 🛑 Don’t worry, this isn’t a deliberate attention-grabbing ploy on our part (although we’re delighted you’ve stopped what you’re doing to read this!). You’ve just experienced the power of a ‘pattern interrupt’. It’s a nifty little trick Joy, our fab founder, employs whenever she needs to shift her energy or…

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[Episode 65] Are you living your dream? After 16 years in catering, Christine Palmer is proof that you can change your career and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

If you need one reason to tune in to this week’s episode, it’s this: Joy Foster, our fearless leader, says this episode is one of her favourites of the year 🤯. And, ladies, Joy’s right on the money – this episode is a corker. Christine Palmer’s story will sound familiar, we’re sure. Having got comfortable…

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[Episode 63] Hear how Philippa Iles changed careers to rock our world with Pinterest and learn her top Pinterest tips that’ll light up your own business

Pinterest. We’re not going to lie; for years, we just used this visual search engine as ‘pinspiration’ to help create mood boards for home decorating projects (or, in the case of our founder, choose carpets!). But according to one TechPixie here at HQ, Pinterest is about so much more than lusting after stylish interiors. Yep,…

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