At TechPixies, we know that the work we do is only possible because of the support from businesses who believe in the work we do. As a business, there are several different ways to get involved with work we are doing…

Sponsor a TechPixie

Many of the women who take part in our programme are unable to afford the cost of the course. We welcome donations from businesses who want to help change women’s lives. You can make a donation online or you can contact Helen Moss-Black using the form below if you would like more information.

Hire a TechPixie

We have nearly 60 women who have been trained in the latest digital marketing techniques and nearly 20 who have had a solid introduction to WordPress. We are looking for companies who can provide returnships and jobs. If you are interested in posting on our jobs board, please contact Helen Moss-Black with the form below.

Upskill a woman on your team

While we work primarily with women who have taken career breaks, however, we recognize that companies often employ women in admin roles. Often these women will stay in admin roles unless they are provided with additional training. Our course is an opportunity for your company to upskill a woman on your team. For more information, please contact Helen Moss-Black with the form below.

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