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What if you could…

If you are looking to return to work, change careers or start a business in a post-COVID-19 world, you probably already know how incredibly important it is to have up to date tech skills which include social media, website and email marketing.

You probably already KNOW that billions of individuals log into social media daily and that millions of businesses are jumping on social media in order to reach those individuals (especially these days as it is one of the best ways to connect). Even in this environment, businesses need to hire people who understand how to use social media in order to maximise their ability to reach and engage with potential and existing customers.

Joy Foster, Founder of TechPixies

You might also know that learning how to use social media professionally can lead to a flexible, better paid, and more fulfilling and stimulating career EVEN IF you don’t become a social media manager. You know you can leverage your tech skills to launch a business or educate yourself about a potential employer.

Here’s what you might not know


When we first started out with TechPixies, it was all about giving women like you new technical skills which would help them to find fulfilling and stimulating work. What we didn’t realise was that the result of facing your fears builds confidence. Don’t have the confidence? Grab the courage. At TechPixies we push you to do things outside of your comfort zone so that you face the fear and do it anyway. Only after you do something you are scared (and realise you didn’t die) will you realise it wasn’t that bad and be ready to try again, but this time with a renewed sense of confidence.


Time and time again, we’ve heard from women who have taken our courses that their eyes have been opened to a whole new world of things they didn’t know that they didn’t know. This is exciting because at the end of the day, the more knowledge you have, the better (and more valuable you become). Even if you know a LOT, there is no way you know EVERYTHING, by coming in with an open mind, you’ll solidify your knowledge and start to smash out imposter syndrome because KNOWLEDGE = POWER.


At TechPixies, we like to say… consult, but don’t ask for permission. You do not need to seek permission from anyone to decide you want to improve your social media skills. If your decision affects others around you, it is a good idea to consult them, but if you really want to do something, you must first give yourself permission to do it and then seek out help from those around you who can support you in doing it. More likely than not, by upskilling yourself, you are setting a good example for those around you and also will have a better chance of becoming financially independent as a result.


Did you know that it is SCIENTIFICALLY proven (by Stanford University and UCLA) that hanging out with other women increases the release of serotonin and oxytocin – which is a good thing! Serotonin provides a feeling of ‘significance’ while oxytocin creates a feeling of ‘trust and protection’. Who doesn’t want that?

I’ve shelled out a LOT of money to do online courses and certificates (£30k and counting…) so that I’m up to speed with the latest trends and information BUT so often, I’ve found these courses were not ‘step by step’ enough, nor were they supportive enough. They didn’t show me how to really do what I needed to do, so not only did I spend time learning the material, but then I still had to do the extra step of figuring out how to implement what I learned.

Some of the online courses I did were boring or irrelevant or didn’t provide enough support when I needed it which meant I didn’t finish as a result. Because I was mostly self-taught and learned much slower than if I had been guided and supported properly, this caused me many years of earning little or no income. Following 2 career breaks, it took a financial toll on my family.

And then… I took an online course which transformed my life. The course was well laid out, sharp and to the point and guided me step by step as to how to do everything I needed to do to be successful. It was transformational.

I have built this experience to be as transformational for you as my experience was for me. I want you to avoid years of having to figure it out for yourself without proper support and guidance. I want you to walk away from the next 11 weeks with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence to put your new social media skills into action so you can find fulfilling and stimulating work you love.

4 reasons why many women decide NOT to be brave and upskill with social media

👉 Lack of TIME

The real question is… what are you doing with your time? Are there hours during the week that you could give up in order to spend time on you? We only have 24 hours in a day, but could we be prioritising them better? If you really want to do something, you can make the time – but you may have to give something up in order to do it. What is the one thing you could give up to make space to focus a bit of your time and energy on your future? Will it be worth it?

👉 Lack of MONEY

You may feel that you can’t spend money on your future especially if you aren’t earning money. It is important to bear in mind that investing in upskilling can directly resolve the lack of money situation. When you upskill, you become more attractive to employers and are more likely to get a job over someone who hasn’t invested the time and money into upskilling (especially in a COVID-19 environment – people don’t have the time or money to waste on someone who isn’t professionally trained).

👉 Lack of good habits

Bad habits stop us from doing a lot of things. Good habits on the other hand open up a whole new world of opportunity. Many people fail to change their life and truly do what it is they want to do (like find flexible work) because they fail to commit to good habits. If you want to run a 10k, you need to train for it – by making a habit of running a couple of times a week regularly. Equally if you want to improve your social media skills so you can find fulfilling and stimulating work, you have to set aside time to learn and implement what you are learning. With our proven roadmap, we make it easy for you to follow and start to get results quickly (which reinforces the good habits and propels you forwards).

👉 Lack of support

You cannot do everything on your own. Even with the best of intentions, you may think you can, but in reality, we all do better when we have help. It is important to think about who can support you in reaching your goals and build up the courage to ask them to help. Most people don’t feel supported because they never really ask to be supported. You need to be brave – you’ll likely find there is more support for you than you expected. Ask and you shall receive, especially if doing our course is part of your bigger plan.

Here’s the truth…

Even though upskilling with social media is totally doable – not everyone approaches it the same way.

Some women will teach themselves and get it right without guidance or help and we applaud them! But…

Many more women will try and struggle on their own and the result is a direct knock to their confidence.

The truth is that to maximise your chance of success in the shortest amount time, you WILL NEED a tried and tested, proven roadmap with outstanding support and guidance from women who know what it is like to be in your shoes.

And with your permission, I would love to show you how we can help…


The TechPixies Social Media Magic Course

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from working in social media the past 12 years and distilled it into a powerful, step by step course which has positively impacted the lives of over 350 women just like you, women who wanted to improve their social media skills in order to find flexible work.

At the end of the programme, you’ll be fully aware of the rock solid foundations that make up social media success. Not only will you know the theory, but I’ll show you exactly how to implement and execute a social media strategy that will help propel you into a new flexible role which is fulfilling and stimulating.

In addition, I’ve worked with award-winning life coach, Jess Rogers, in order to integrate essential life coaching skills into the course material so that you not only gain new technical skills, but also the confidence to visualise where you want to be and put in place goals which will help you get there.

Upskilling in social media combined with a powerful and timeless life coaching framework will set you up for a higher chance of success. It will provide you with an excellent starting point and give you a boost of confidence that will benefit you for the rest of your life – if you allow it to.

TechPixies Step by Step Social Media Magic is the ONLY programme of its kind that…


Our step by step teaching ensures that you will SAVE TIME by not having to figure out how to do technical things on your own THUS giving you more time to spend on the things you care about. Need a technical video added to the library? Ask and you shall receive!


At last check, 58% of the women who completed our course earned back their fee within 1-2 months of completing the course, 71% earn back what they spent on it within 3-6 months and 79% within 12 months. We’ve even had women get jobs while they were still working through the course and MANY, especially those who completed our course 2-5 years ago still have retained their jobs through the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine that?!?


To help encourage you to set goals and create new habits, we’ve integrated an entire life coaching framework into our programme that will help you to focus on where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Many women who have completed our course find that the benefits of setting one goal (like finishing our course) and seeing it through will set them up to reach their goals in other areas (like getting fit or getting a job!).


Every single question you have, we promise to answer. We will never leave you hanging. We also thrive on constructive criticism, taking ALL feedback INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY so that we can improve our courses. Rest assured, you will feel fully supported when you reach out to us for help.

Here is a breakdown of how it all works


Visualise Your Future

This course is just as much about learning how to use social media professionally as it is about self discovery. It is really hard to do flexible work unless you let yourself start to think about it and visualise it.

In this module, I’ll make sure you know how to do the practical things, such as login to the learning platform and I’ll show you how to join and engage in the private, members only Facebook group.

Once you’ve accomplished that, I’ll share our commitment to you and encourage you to commit to us by setting time aside on your calendar to work through the modules. I’ll also sign post you to all the different ways you will be supported by me, the TechPixies team and our lovely group of alumni.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll start some fun self-discovery. First you’ll do a visualisation exercise with award-winning life Coach Jess Rogers and I’ll teach you how to use a wonderful free online design tool called Canva in order to bring that vision to life on an A4 vision board which you can print out and hang up in your bedroom to remind you of where you are headed.


✨ Connect with over 350 women who know what it is like to be in your shoes and who want to encourage you along on your journey.

✨ Successfully learn how to navigate the TechPixies online learning platform and work your way through your very first module.

✨ Dive deep and meet your future self with our visualisation exercise. What does she say to you? What gift does she give you?

✨ Finish the module on a high by formulating a vision for your future by creating an A4 Vision Board using the free online design tool Canva. Step by step, click by click, we’ll walk you through each feature that Canva has to offer and how to use it.


Get Clarity on the 8 Foundations of Social Media Success

Success in social media is a result of understanding 8 key foundation concepts. In my 12 years of working with social media, I’ve seen a pattern of these fundamental foundations repeat themselves across all four of the major social media networks.

You’ll also get exposure to one of the most powerful software suites in the world: Google Drive. You’ll use various features of Google Drive throughout your course in order to deliver your end of course report. We’ll also introduce you to a few fun tips and tricks that will make your life easier like the Snipping Tool, the Colour Picker Eye Dropper and the Page Ruler.


✨ In this module, we’ll introduce all 8 ‘Foster Foundations for Rock Solid Social Media Success’ and explain just how important understanding and applying ALL 8 (vs. a few) will make the difference between good social media management and great social media management.

✨ Get excited because this module also introduces the powerful tool of Google Drive. Google Drive will become one of your best friends as you learn how to create docs, sheets and presentations.

✨ We’ll show you step by step how to create an Account Information Sheet which will keep all your key details in one place so that you don’t have to go searching for them each time you need them. This is especially important if/when you work with clients.

✨ A few other amazing tools you’ll learn how to use are the ‘snipping tool’, and the ‘color picker eye dropper’. These tools will save you time and will make it much easier to deliver on what you’ve learned. The snipping tool in particular will make it super easy for you to share your successes with the private Facebook group as you work your way through the course helping you to stay encouraged and motivated!


Deep Dive into the 8 Foundations of the 4 Major Networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter + Take a break mid-way through to focus in on your SMART Goals

In these modules, you’ll get a super comprehensive look at all 8 fundamental foundations across four of the most popular and most used social media networks. We’ll show you exactly how to use each network for yourself and for a business.

While these modules are quite exciting and intense, we will make sure you never feel lost or overwhelmed by providing step by step, click by click instructions AND… half way through, we’ll even take a little break so you can refocus on you and your goals for flexible work by learning about, and putting into place, SMART Goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, accountable, resonant and thrilling.

If you are already familiar with SMART Goals, you’ll probably have noticed that our SMART goals have been modified by the lovely (and did we mention award-winning) life coach Jess Rogers. Jess will introduce you to a slightly different SMART goals structure from the traditional one – there is a reason for this and on this module, we’ll tell you all about it!


✨ We’ll start with key terminology. Each social network has its own key terminology which is unique. By the end of this module, you’ll know the difference between a handle and a username, a cover and a header, what a hashtag is and how it works for each network (among other things!).

✨ You will learn how the individual feeds work for each of the 4 major social media networks: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ll share insights from the experts with regards to the algorithms that run in the background and determine what you see versus what you don’t.

✨ One of the more important pieces of social media is your bio. In this module, you’ll learn how to write a killer bio that invites people to follow you (or your business). We’ll show you how to create cover and header images that visually show your followers what you care about.

✨ Believe it or not, many people don’t know how to post to social media correctly but at the end of this course, you will not be one of them! In these modules, we’ll show you examples of social media gone wrong and help you to avoid the pitfalls of bad posting so you can post like a pro.

✨ Halfway through each of these modules, you’ll have an excellent grasp on social media usage as an individual BUT if you want to work in social media or if you want to launch and market your own business on social, you’ll need to know more than how to use it as an individual. You’ll need to know how to use it as a business. We’ll teach you exactly how to identify and get to know your followers on each network AND you’ll learn why you don’t need to be on all four major networks in order to be successful.

✨ Once you have a good understanding of your ideal follower, you’ll learn how to create posts which boost engagement while at the same time keeping your following entertained and coming back for more. You’ll learn tried and tested techniques that will help you to grow your following and become an influence within your industry.

✨ Here is where most social media courses fall short – they teach you how to use it but they don’t teach you how to understand analytics and insights in order to improve it. We will dive deep and show you the key metrics to follow and help you create benchmarks that help you to up your game and run an efficient and effective social media machine for each network.

✨ Finally, we’ll wrap this module up with an introduction to paid advertising. We’ll signpost you to the best places where you can learn more while at the same time showing you exactly how to get started with a simple paid advertising plan. We’ll talk about the type of budget you need and why and when you might want to use paid advertising.


The Power of Pre-Scheduling

What if I told you that you could post at 3am without actually needing to be awake to do it? It is great to know how to use the networks but it is impossible to be available 24/7 in order to post and engage.

This module is all about giving you the confidence to pre-plan and pre-schedule your posts so that you don’t feel like you are spending all of your time putting out fires.

There is definitely a time and a place for sporadic posting so we’ll also teach you when to integrate ‘unplanned’ social media posts into your feeds as well.


✨ You’ll get a tour of the both the free and pro versions of one of the most popular pre-scheduling tools including tools: Buffer. We’ve also created a fabulous comparison table which compares all the top options for pre-scheduling that are out there so you can pick the best option for you if you decide to go into social media management or need a pre-scheduling tool to launch your business.

✨ Experience the thrill of posting when you aren’t actually available to post. One of the exercises we have you do is to pre-schedule a post on Twitter at 3am – just to prove you can!

✨ We’ll also let you in on a little secret – one social network doesn’t play nice with third party schedulers. We’ll tell you which one that is and how to pre-schedule posts to your followers directly into the network itself.

MODULE EIGHT (Superstar package)

The Magic: Strategy, Planning and Reporting

You’ll end the course on a high note in which we’ll provide our exact methodology and templates in order to plan, execute and report on a social media strategy. We will also dive into the power of omni-channel marketing and teach you how to leverage your website, email service provider and entry level ads to help you supercharge your social media and turn followers into paying customers – either for yourself or a company that you work for (or both!).

We will also share real case studies that have benefited from a well executed strategy – including reviewing a social media strategy that has helped one company grow to nearly 70,000 followers across their social media networks and another to grow their email list by over 1,000 followers in a week.


✨ A solid understanding of what goes into strategy, planning and reporting on a social media strategy for a business.

✨ Foundational knowledge of omni-channel marketing in order to turn your social media followers into paying customers.

✨ You’ll walk away with the confidence and the skillset as well as the toolkit of relevant documents which will help you to launch a product or successfully set yourself up as a social media manager should you wish.

Here’s what our most successful students ask before joining the TechPixies Step by Step Social Media Magic Course

Q1: I am not earning money right now, how can I justify paying for this course? WE GET IT! If you haven’t been earning, this will feel like a HUGE OUTPUT but we encourage you to look at the HUGE GAIN you will make with your confidence and your digital skillset. How will it feel if you could go from not earning to earning with a proven system? How much would the ability to do that actually be worth it to you?

Q2: I’m afraid of learning online because I’ve never done it before. I’m so glad you brought this up. Learning online is different. I have personally signed up and failed to complete several online courses until I finally came across one that was so amazing, I made it all the way through. I have built this course with the exact same principles of the online course which I loved. It has been built with the skeptical online learner in mind! You will always feel supported and encouraged as you make your way through our course, that is my promise to you.

Q3: How are you different from other course providers? It delights me to let you know that we don’t know of a single course out there that teaches social media combined with a robust time-proven life coaching framework. It is the powerful combination of these two aspects that make our course uniquely different from any other social media course provider. We also only run our courses in term time only and during hours that suit women who might have to meet family obligations (so no need to try and learn through the half term breaks!). We also commit to having the best possible step by step, click by click support of any social media course provider out there.

TechPixies is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are just starting on your journey back to work, thinking about upskilling to become more valuable in your current role or launching a business and are super interested in how social media can help you get there.
  2. You have been trying for some time to find flexible work but haven’t done the work you need to do to build up your social media skills effectively enough in order to do it.
  3. You care about tackling your social media skills deficit and want to stop feeling like an imposter. You know just how important it is to keep up with fast-moving tech like social media and you value step by step, click by click, guidance.
  4. You are not a quitter. You want what is best for you and those around you. You work hard and see things through to the end.
  5. You can find 8 hours per week to work through our course and apply what you’ve learned.
  6. You are worried about doing a course with an element of online learning but think the benefits outweigh the concerns and therefore feel that the gains you will make will be worth it!
  7. You are excited about the future flexible job prospects which may become available to you upon completing this course – either going back to something you loved doing before your career break OR going into something totally different but guided by your newfound confidence and digital skillset.
  8. You are LOOKING FORWARD to gaining a massive amount of knowledge in just 8 modules and even more joyous about the fact that by the end of the course, you will have learned about 6 different pieces of software in as many weeks. Take that CV!
  9. You are ready to take the next steps towards flexible work and know that upskilling with tech will help you get there.

If you said ‘YES’ to at least 7 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside the TechPixies Step by Step Social Media Magic course.