Upon completing our courses…

95% of women are MORE CONFIDENT with their DIGITAL SKILLSET
83% of women IMPROVE their EMPLOYMENT SITUATION within 6 to 24 months
79% of women ARE HAPPIER than when they started
64% of women MORE CONFIDENT about their FINANCIAL WORTH

Meirion Hood

Meirion Hood

“I was blown away by the TechPixies programme – in particular the TechPixie commitment to helping everyone on the programme back to work. Everyone found some aspect of their new skillset that they love – whether it’s branding, design, strategy, copywriting or learning how to write that killer tweet. One of the strengths of the programme is in helping you to spot where your talent lies. Join today – you won’t regret it!” – Meirion Hood (now Digital Marketing Manager for Classlist.com)

Phoebe Larcombe

Phoebe Larcombe

“An excellent course! A fantastic bunch of women, an amazing life coaching tool kit and some great teaching. I came away with added confidence, new skills and some great friends. As a direct result I now have a job that I really enjoy which has the flexibility I need while my children are young. It helped me rediscover my passion to learn and taught me that it is never too late to start something new. Thank you TechPixies!” – Phoebe Larcombe (now managing the social media for the Gone for Good App)


Verity Arndt

Verity Arndt

“After trying to return to work with two small children and finding it tough, I took some time out to reconsider my options. The skills and support I got from Techpixies helped me see my value in the workplace and rediscover my confidence. I’m now back working part time in a great Oxfordshire company that gets the value of flexibility.” – Verity Arndt (now Head of Global Marketing Communications at Hitachi High Tech Analytical Science.) READ HER STORY


You know you are a good fit for TechPixies if…

  • you thrive on supportive, positive and authentic relationships
  • you are keen to learn
  • you want to be empowered to go back to work or start your own business

What can you learn?

We currently offer 2 online courses and are rolling 4 more online courses out within the next year. Each course includes 6 modules and each module contains 6 to 12, 5 to 10 minute lessons with practical applications. You will have access to your course for 12 months. Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to apply for accreditation. All students get access to our TechPixie webinars while enrolled in their course (10x per year).

  • Social Media Course (most modules available now with new learning format coming end of May 2018)
    • Module 1: Branding & Canva
    • Module 2: Essentials of Instagram
    • Module 3: Essentials of Twitter
    • Module 4: Essentials of Facebook
    • Module 5: Essentials of LinkedIn
    • Module 6: Buffer
  • Digital Marketing Course (available September 2018)
    • Module 1: Strategy & Planning
    • Module 2: Essentials of SEO
    • Module 3: Essentials of Email Marketing with MailChimp
    • Module 4: Essentials of Content Marketing
    • Module 5: Essentials of WordPress
    • Module 6: Analytics & Reporting
  • Paid Advertising (launch date TBD)
  • Graphic Design (launch date TBD)
  • WordPress (launch date TBD)
  • Fundamentals to Starting a Business (launch date TBD)

What else do you get?

  • Your very own #BringBackTheSparkle notebook from Martha Brook with a TechPixies pen (you’ll need it to start your studying!)
  • Access to Jess Roger‘s AMAZING life coaching toolkit (available end of May 2018)
  • Access to an AWESOME TechPixie Facebook Online Support Group
  • EARLY BIRD ONLY Personalised TechPixie Mug

Limited Time Early Bird Offer available til end May 2018

For a limited time only, we will be bundling our TechPixie Webinars (£120), our Social Media Course (£240) and our Digital Marketing course (£240) in an early bird offer. Normally a total of £480 (b/c webinars are included in the course access), we are offering the bundle at £180 (including VAT) until the end of May 2018.

What will happen if you don’t join?

Nothing! Your life will carry on as it is – which might be what you need right now. Register your interest and we’ll keep you up to date with changes. You can always come back when you are ready. We’ll be here for you!

What if I only want the TechPixie Webinars and not the online courses?

Awesome. Head over to the TechPixie Webinars page to find out more and check out. It is only £120 + VAT for the year.