• None of the information from any individuals will be seen by anyone but Joy. We will however, combine the information and anonymize in order help us serve you better.

    I have asked for your email and name so that I can follow up with you if I have further questions but when we review the information, your name and email will be removed.
  • Finacial Section

    This section is to help me understand what your needs are financially. In speaking with many TechPixies, earning money is still high on the priority list.
  • Would you be interested in freelance work via TechPixies?

    We are thinking of ways in which we can highlight the skills you have to help you get work via TechPixies. If you are interested in this, please fill out this section.
  • Continued Education

    We are thinking about offering continued education to women who have completed the course and also to the wider community who would like to learn from TechPixies. We'd like to know if this is something that would help you.