Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get at TechPixies… if you have further questions, register your interest and a member of our team will be in touch.

Do you have face-to-face courses as well as online courses? 

At TechPixies, we offer both online and face-to-face courses. Our online courses are currently self-paced (but we are piloting a group online course so this may become available in the future).

Where are the face-to-face courses located?

Our face-to-face courses will run in Oxford, London and Bristol for the 2018/19 learning year. You can find out more about our face-to-face courses and book them online through Eventbrite. We currently offer our Social Media Course as a 6 Week face-to-face course. The rest of our courses are online only at this time.

Tell me more about the online courses? How are they structured?

Each course is made up of a set of modules and each module is made up of a group of lessons. There are typically 6 modules in each course and 10-12 lessons in each module. You can find out about each of our online courses by going directly to the online course page on our website.

What do you currently offer self-paced online courses in?

These courses can be done one at a time or as part of a universal pass (launching in September 2018).

Tell me more about the face-to-face social media course… 

We have a tried and true Social Media Course which we will be running face-to-face in Oxford, London and Bristol. Upon completing our courses…

  • 95% of women feel more confident with their digital skillset.
  • 84% of women improve their employment situation within 6 to 24 months.
  • 79% of women are happier than when they started
  • 64% of women are more confident about their financial worth

Our face-to-face learning brings women together for 6 weeks, one day per week, to learn the essentials of social media. Our courses are designed to incorporate technical skills along with life coaching skills in order to give you the confidence to think about your next move – be it returning to work, changing career or starting a business.

In the TechPixies Social Media Course you will learn:

  • Week 1: Essentials of branding (learn how to use the amazing online design tool Canva)
  • Week 2: Essentials of Instagram
  • Week 3: Essentials of Twitter
  • Week 4: Essentials of Facebook
  • Week 5: Essentials of LinkedIn
  • Week 6: Essentials of Buffer (learn how to pre-schedule content)

There is a life coaching element to this course. Each week, you will meet one hour in the evening (online) as a group for a group discussion with a professional life coach. The session ties into what you are learning in the face-to-face element of the course and the evening sessions mean you don’t lose valuable face-to-face time on learning the essentials of social media.

Find out more & book on Eventbrite.

Want to know more?

Join us for a taster session in person or online.

If you are Oxford based, we have 3 sessions in which you can find out more about our online and face-to-face offerings. The taster sessions cost £10 (early bird) and include a #BringBackTheSparkle notebook. Find out more & book on Eventbrite.

If you are based else-where in the UK, we have 3 online taster session webinars which you can join. Find out more & book on Eventbrite.

Want to speak to someone? 

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