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“I was blown away” 

by the TechPixies programme – in particular the TechPixie commitment to helping everyone on the programme back to work. Everyone found some aspect of their new skillset that they love – whether it’s branding, design, strategy, copywriting or learning how to write that killer tweet. One of the strengths of the programme is in helping you to spot where your talent lies. – Merion Hood

If you thrive in a group environment, our Face to Face Social Media Course is the perfect fit. Over a 6 week period, you’ll get a solid introduction to Canva, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer and Facebook.

What you will learn on the Face to Face Social Media Course

In your first session you’ll explore the wonderful online design software, Canva. This session includes life coaching with a particular focus on vision boards. You’ll use your new found Canva skills to create a printable A4 Vision Board to hang up in your home that will help inspire you as you begin to discover your sparkle.

In your second session, we’ll explore the wonderful world of Instagram. Whether you have been using Instagram for a while or you are a first time Instagramer, we’ll break down how to post correctly to Instagram and fill you in on how to grow a following and stories.

Session three is focused on learning all about Twitter. You will start to understand how useful it can be for keeping up to speed with the latest developments in your industry as well as how to use it properly both personally and professionally.

Session four is all about LinkedIn. According to Lisa Unwin, the author of She’s Back, 80% of the nearly 1500 women they spoke with didn’t leverage LinkedIn. In this session, we teach you how to set up a personal profile, but also how to manage a business page on LinkedIn.

In your fifth session, you’ll cover Buffer, which is an excellent scheduling tool. We’ll teach you which networks it works best with and how to use it to help you plan social media posting. You’ll even learn how to tweet in your sleep!

The sixth and final session is all about Facebook pages. You’ll get an insight into how they work and how to set them up. We’ll teach you how to boost a post and how to post to correctly post to Facebook as a business.


⭐ Learn from a Social Media Expert in a Group Environment

Your course will be taught by a real life social media practitioner who has proven expertise on all 6 of the applications we teach. As well as the lead course facilitator (the social media expert), you will have a facilitator assistant (who is also well-versed in the applications we teach). Together, they will be there to guide you every step of the way, helping you to learn click by click exactly how to do things.

⭐ Life Coaching Support from a Qualified Life Coach

Each cohort has a dedicated life coach. All our life coaches have professional qualifications in life coaching and their background is typically in working with women who are returning to work, changing careers or starting up a business. Our life coaching programme was developed by Jess Rogers, an award-winning and nationally recognised coach.

⭐ 6 Months Access to Our Online Learning Platform

In addition to face to face learning, you will receive full access to the Essentials of Social Media course online as well as the Life Coaching toolkit. The online course will help you solidify your learning. With over 60 step by step video lessons and nearly 100 resources, you can continue to learn long after the face to face experience has ended. Your access is available for 6 months and then you can pay a fee to extend it if you wish.

⭐ Additional Support from the TechPixies Team

Our lovely TechPixies Support Team is available to you via email and phone. You can also message us through our chat box on the website at any time before, during or after the course.

⭐ Strong Network of Current Students and Alumna

We have a private Facebook Group where several of the current students and alumna actively post about jobs, the latest social media trends and general chatter around returning to work, changing career or starting a business.

 ⭐ Certification

Provided you attend 5 of the 6 sessions and complete 80% of your homework, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. We are currently applying for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation.


“Life changing!” 

So much to learn from TechPixies, access to the latest thinking, supportive coaching, real-life client experience and a group of like-minded women. Over a year later I’m still learning from this programme and the network it has given me. Best of all – I’ve been able to combine pre-kids career with new skills to take on a flexible role in a job I love. 

“Helped me rediscover my confidence”

“After trying to return to work with two small children and finding it tough, I took some time out to reconsider my options. The skills and support I got from TechPixies helped me see my value in the workplace and rediscover my confidence. I’m now back working part time in a great local company that gets the value of flexibility.”

Course Dates


Pay in Full (only 6 places left!)

Pay in 3 Installments (coming soon)

Wednesdays starting 30 January 2019


Pay in Full (only 6 places left!)

Pay 1st of 3 installments

Fridays starting 1 February 2019

Course Fees

Our goal is to make sure that our courses are affordable. The Face to Face course is £600+VAT which you can pay in one payment or in 3 payments of £220+VAT.

In addition to the face to face instruction over 6 weeks, you also gain access to the online curriculum for 6 months. The course also includes the online Life Coaching Toolkit and 5 Face to Face Life Coaching Sessions.

Prices increase to £750+VAT or 3 installments of £275+VAT on 1 January 2019 as we are hoping to have our CPD accreditation in place.

Act now to get the best price and benefit from accreditation!

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