Build a website in a day!

WordPress.com in a Day

In our WordPress.com in a Day course, you will literally be able to build a website in a day. This course is designed to help you build a ‘service-based’ website so that you can market your services to clients. There is a solid introduction to WordPress.com including: Essentials of a website Structure of a webpage […]

EARLY BIRD PRICE ends 30 August 2018

Digital Marketing Course – EARLY BIRD PRICE available until 30 August 2018

Following on from our popular Social Media Course, we’re developing a new course exploring Digital Marketing. While social media deserves its own course as there are several aspects to it, it is just one element of the overarching skill of digital marketing. Digital marketing includes things like… Strategy and Planning, SEO, Content Marketing (understanding inbound), […]

Free with code FREEBIE at checkout

Life Coaching Toolkit

Use the code FREEBIE when checking out to get this course for free. Who is it for? The Life Coaching Toolkit is included (at no additional charge) to anyone who is already taking one of our other courses. What will you learn? Returning to work, changing careers or starting a business can be very daunting. […]

Our flagship course!

Social Media Course

Who is it for? The TechPixies Social Media course is designed specifically for women who are returning to work, who want to change their career or start their own business. What will you learn? On the TechPixies Social Media Course, you will get a solid overview of the 4 most used Social Media channels as […]